Thursday, August 9, 2007

Four Challenge

Four Jobs I've had:
1. Retail Clerk
2. Bank Teller
3. Receptionist
4. Loan Processor

Four Movies I'll watch over and over
1. American President
2. Raising Helen
3. The Longest Yard
4. Beauty Shop

Four Places I've lived
1. House
2. Apartment
3. Phoenix, Arizona
4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Four TV shows I watch
1. Survivor
2. Monk
3. Psych
4. Two and a Half Men

Four Places I've been on Vacation
1. Hawaii
2. Disneyland
3. Boston, Mass
4. Washington, DC

Four of My Favorite Restaurants
1. Riazzi's, Tempe, AZ
2. Houston's, Scottsdale, AZ
3. Macayo's
4. Paradise Bakery, AZ

Four Websites I visit daily
1. - my email
3. My
4. blog stalking

Four Places I'd rather be
1. Hawaii
2. Paris, France
3. New York
4. A wonderful resort with a spa

Four People I think will respond
1. Erica
2. Stacy Kay
3. Holly
4. Mental Note: I need my own friends

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To My BFF Erica

Well, I guess I owe Erica a blog. Vacation was wonderful, I will try and get my pics downloaded and add some. That will be my project. We got back last Sat and have been busy ever since. Bailey is trying out for a new soccer club and unfortuately we have to drive to the Silver Bowl for practice. It's a great opportunity for her so we drive. She's had practice everyday this week. We leave at 5pm and get home between 8:30 and 9pm.
Had a doctor's appt yesterday. Not good, after having a CAT scan, PET scan, mammogram and MRI, they have found some pinpoint dots of cancer. I now have to have a Ultrasonic biopsy. That will decided whether they will take my entire boob off or I can just do Radiation. I think if one goes, the other may have to join it. I'm sure it will be better for my health in the future. It is sad to think of losing them but we have to do what we have to do. I will miss them.... Maybe in the future, I'll get implants and look like Pamela Anderson, oh darn, will I have to dye my hair blond???? Anyway, I am just in the wait till the insurance approves the test mode before moving on. Don't fell bad for me cuz I don't. Just remember: "I cried because I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet"
Life is good. I'm soooooooo lucky to have wonderful, loving family and friends and for that I'm very thankful...
I will sooooooo try to get some vacation stuff together. Oh, preview, FYI the Hotel Del was wonderful and I'd live in Coronado in a heart beat. Wish Mom would just win the lottery....

Thursday, May 31, 2007


We got one of those dreaded calls last Saturday evening. One of Bailey's soccer teammates was killed in an accident. You feel like you can't breathe and just know it can't be true. It's too awful to be true. Did I hear David correctly? Please tell me again so maybe my brain can comprehend your words. I immediately look to the left of me where Bailey is sitting. I see her eyes wide open in disbelief. My immediate reaction is to reach out and comfort her but can I? She just keeps repeating, "I can't believe Nicole is dead". None of us can. My heart goes out to her parents. You try and put yourself in their shoes but can't or don't want to. You feel so sorry for them. I can't belief this. She's only 12, seven months older than Bailey. You think how unfair life is sometimes.
I start thinking back. Bailey has played soccer with Nicole since she was 7. In fact, Bailey and Nicole were the two remaining girls who started out playing on a team called The Shooting Stars. The name of the team has changed twice more since then, the original girls have gone and new ones came. We all just sit in shock and wonder what happened. we get little information. She was at a motocross race and had an accident.
Several days have passed and it's still hard to believe. We learn more about the accident, she was hit by someone else who could not stop in time. We learn that her organs were donated.
Our soccer team decided to hold a candlelight. We decide on Sunday afternoon and Monday was a holiday but everyone pulled together and we got it done. The soccer vigil was last night, Wednesday. It was unbelieveable that so many people came. Family, friends, schoolmates were all there. Our team clubs and a lot of the opposing teams came together like a big huge soccer family. I thought about it and I see and spend more time with the soccer team and families than I do my own in Arizona. It was wonderful to see such support. I'm sure the family appreciated it.
Channel 13 news was there and it was the top story last night at 11pm. Here's the website to see the vigil.
I think events like this make you realize how fragile life. So tonight when you put your children to bed hug them just a little longer.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cleaning Day

Well, I try and keep my house clean but sometimes it's a little overwhelming. The bathrooms are the hardest so I decided to do something about it. I got a maid!!!! I'm so excited to have sparkling clean bathrooms without being totally exhausted. It's hard to find good help and it helps to use someone's reference. I got the maid's name and number from my neighbor. I saw that they had someone cleaning for them for quite sometime. So I asked about her and they gave me her name and number. I called and low and behold I have a maid.
I've been wanting someone to come help with cleaning for awhile but it's been hard. I want someone to come and tell David that I'm calling someone. Then I look around and realize my house is dirty and I need to clean before I call a maid as I don't want her to think I'm dirty. Anyway, I end up cleaning so I can get a maid and then I don't need a maid. This time I realized I can use the help so I had to use so much self control not to clean before she got here. I did pick up all the useless junk that lies around everywhere in our house. So I guess now she'll just think I'm dirty not messy. Good thing when I called she was able to come in a couple days. If it had been longer, I would have had everything cleaned for her.
Then I wonder how I can sit here in the house and watch her clean without wanting to help. I'll feel bad that the poor lady is cleaning my mess while I sit on the couch and eat bon bons... I guess that's where I need to stop and think, she's not doing it for free....
Anyway, I'm sure I'll be very happy to have a clean house. Besides, David's daughter, Christine and family, are coming to Las Vegas this weekend and may come by. Won't tell them I hired someone to clean for me. I'll just let them think I did it all myself.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Do

Well, it had been over a year since I had my hair cut. Didn't need to for quite awhile as it was growing in. I had very straight hair all my life. When it grew back in after the chemo, it came in curly. I mean really curly. I had always wished for curly hair, spent years perming it. But becareful what you wish for cuz curly hair wasn't what I expected. I swear, as it got longer I looked like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, just not as old. Although some days I think I look that old. Anywho, it was hard to deal with so most of the time I just stuck a hat on top of it to control it. It was a fuzz ball on my head.

So today, Rachael, the bestest hair stylist, colored and cut my hair. Oh, I forgot, as it grew back, I was blessed with lots of white hairs too. Darn!!!! Anyway, it was so nice to be made over. It's a bit short but I really, really like it. I hope tomorrow after I style it, it looks somewhat like it did today after Rachael did it.
So I am sharing my new do with all.....
PS: I added pictures to my blog.... Go Linda!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where have I been?

Geez, I just never blog, how bad of me. I love reading everyones blog but I never write. I just can't think of things sometimes. Then I feel intimidated as I don't know how to do pictures, videos or add anything. I'm boring. I must learn these things. I need a fancy, interesting blog. I just love my friend, Erica's. Mental note: work on learning more blogging things.....

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Okay, I need some corrections....

Disregard the extra #68 at the bottom.
I guess I must like to eat out a lot cuz I wrote it twice. Here's a new #39 - I have psychic dreams sometimes. (As opposed to my psychotic episodes)